Official announcements

  • More American Cities (Colorado) is out!

    It's the big day! More American Cities (Colorado) is now available for purchase via my Patreon shop! I'm very proud of this new series of mods, which allow you to make dozens of cities on the basic American Truck Simulator map usable.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.15.6 (beta) is now available!

    Dear Utopians, I'm pleased to announce that version 1.15.6 beta of Grand Utopia, including the brand-new Andréa village, is now available to Patreon members, but not only! You can now support the development of Grand Utopia without a subscription, as this new version is also available for purchase via my Patreon store.

  • Christmas gift :D Grand Utopia Version 1.15.5 is out !

    Hello dear utopians,

    It looks like Father Christmas hasn't forgotten to visit our archipelago this year. He has brought you a little present to tide you over until Grand Utopia's next big update: version 1.15.5 (in public beta!), which mainly brings you a rework of the south-west of Malterre, the addition of the town of Eilmont on the island's west coast and lots of little improvements to perfect your gaming experience.

    As usual, visit to update your utopia!

  • A flag for our utopia! 2/4


    Take part in a historic decision to choose the flag that will embody our beautiful utopia.
    Voting is open to all Utopians, so make the most of it!

  • A flag for our utopia! 1/4


    Take part in a historic decision to choose the flag that will embody our beautiful utopia.
    Voting is open to all Utopians, so make the most of it!

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.15.4 (beta) is out !

    Dear friends of Utopia, I'm delighted to announce the release of the brand new beta version 1.15.4 of Grand Utopia!

    This little update includes a complete overhaul of the south of Malterre as well as a total rebuild of the A3/A4 interchange, plus a few other exciting improvements that you can check out in the public article I've shared on my Patreon. Feel free to check it out for all the details.

    In the meantime, enjoy your adventure on Grand Utopia and have a great trip! 

  • Akokan Island: a new version is available!

    Dear Utopia members,

    I'm pleased to announce that you can now dive into the adventure with the latest update for Akokan Island, the Grand Utopia add-on that transports you to an exotic world in the heart of our utopian archipelago. This update brings a series of spectacular additions that will plunge you even deeper into the fascinating universe of Grand Utopia.

  • Mygotopia Version 0.6 (Patreon alpha) is out !

    Hello dear utopians,

    It gives me great pleasure today to announce the release of a new version of the Mygotopia add-on, which is now available to Globetrotter members of my Patreon.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.15.1 is released!

    Hello dear utopians,

    Much longer than expected, the creation of this compatibility version for the 1.47 of ETS 2 is finally finished! Please find below the link to the TruckMods page of Grand Utopia :

    Grand Utopia Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - TruckyMods

  • A temporary fix for ETS 1.47

    A temporary fix has been published on TruckyMods. It will allow those who want to upgrade to 1.47 to continue using Grand Utopia (v1.15) without waiting!

  • European Grand Utopia (a mod created by Adyox)

    /!\ EDIT FROM 11/08/2023 - EUROPEAN GRAND UTOPIA IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE /!\ Perhaps you have secretly dreamed of it? A world in which it would be possible to combine Grand Utopia with SCS Europe and, why not, with Promods. I am pleased to announce that this sweet utopian dream is now becoming a reality thanks to the determination, patience and kindness of one person: Adyox.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.15 is out !

    Hello dear utopians,

    The big day has arrived! The new version 1.15 of Grand Utopia, entirely public and free, is now available. As usual, the official download link is on

  • New trailer for Grand Utopia Version 1.15

    Hello dear utopians,

    It is with great pleasure that I share with you the latest Grand Utopia presentation video. This last one presents the new zones of the version 1.15 which arrives with great speed for the general public! Indeed, this video also announces the release date, so I let you watch it and I say good road on Grand Utopia!

  • Activation of subscription based billing on Patreon

    Hello dear utopians,

    Quick article to share an important information with you. As of yesterday, Patreon allows creators to use a new billing method, called subscription billing.

  • Grand Utopia v1.14.5 is available !

    Dear utopians, I inform you that a new version of Grand Utopia (v1.14.5) is available. You can now download it from TruckyMods. It is a compatibility version following the release of ETS 2 version 1.45. Therefore, no new zones. However, you can find the rework of the Pérignat interchange as well as a portion of the D5 road and the MVM quarry located below. Good roads to all !

  • Akokan Island is finally available!

    Dear utopians, for a few weeks now I have been working on the creation of a brand new addon for Grand Utopia. Called Akokan, this small island, located in the south of our beautiful utopia, is meant to be a tropical region with dense vegetation and where Man has not concreted everything. The idea is to have a sort of preserved natural reserve, through which you will have to take narrow and difficult paths to ensure your delivery missions. Today, the very first version of this addon has arrived and I'm looking forward to seeing you discover this brand new land. If you haven't already done so, you can also check out this page of the site which presents the Island of Akokan.

  • Grand Utopia v1.14.3 is available !

    Dear utopians, I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.14.3 of Grand Utopia. This version brings minor changes (new VTC, new points of interest, activation of the display of some hidden roads). You can download it from the Grand Utopia page on TruckyMods. This is the new official link.

  • Grand Utopia v1.14.2 is available !

    Hello my dear utopians,

    Recently, ETS 2 version 1.44 has been released by SCS Software. I am therefore pleased to inform you that Grand Utopia has also been updated (v1.14.2) to be fully compatible with this latest version of ETS 2.

  • Grand Utopia v1.14.1 is available !

    Dear utopian drivers,

    I'm writing this little article to announce the release of the v1.14 Grand Utopia fix. You can download it now from the Google Drive or from TruckyMods. I draw your attention to the fact that this fix was made under ETS 1.43 and was not made to be compatible with the open beta 1.44. This fix is to correct the many bugs you reported to me since the release of v1.14, to add some missing bus stops and to honour the advertising orders I had forgotten.

    I wish you all a good day!

  • Grand Utopia v1.14 is available !

    Dear Utopian truckers,

    I am pleased to announce that version 1.14 of Grand Utopia is now available. You can download this new version from the Google Drive or from TruckyMods. This new version is available to the general public and is, of course, entirely free.

    By the way, if you like my maps mods, I suggest you to join my Patreon. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you will be able to benefit from many advantages:

    ∟ a weekly detailed follow-up on the progress of my projects
    ∟ a share in the decision-making process through a voting power
    ∟ exclusive pictures
    ∟ early access to new versions of my public maps (Grand Utopia, Mygotopia and, in due course, Grand Utopia of America)
    ∟ exclusive map extensions


    Become a Patron!


  • Grand Utopia v1.13.4 (beta) is available !

    Hello to all,

    I am pleased to announce that the beta version 1.13.4 of Grand Utopia is now available. In this version, you will find :

    ∟the town of Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer and the village of Chaseville, of which you will find some images below.
    ∟the long awaited correction of the crashes at Utopia and Meulan. I leave it to you to test for yourself and hope that they will definitely be behind us.
    ∟the extension of the N2
    ∟the modification of the D4/D5 junction
    ∟the modification of part of the A7 between Utopia - Quartier du stade and Utopia - Centre-ville

    Please note that access to the beta versions of Grand Utopia is an exclusive benefit reserved for members of my Patreon, regardless of their level of commitment. To join our beautiful family, I invite you to go to my Patreon page and select the level of commitment you want.

  • Management and correction of reported bugs

    Hello dear utopians,

    Since a few weeks, I feel like a wave of discontent regarding some uncorrected bugs on Grand Utopia. So I wanted to make an official article about it to express my point of view and to keep you informed about some changes that will probably be implemented soon to ensure a better consideration and a faster correction of the reported bugs.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.13 + New coloured map background (free mod)

    Hello everyone, the compatibility update (v1.13) is finally available! To update your game, download the file from my Google Drive or from the platform TruckyMods. Then simply replace the old grandutopia.scs file with the new one in your "mod" folder.

  • Closing the Grand Utopia topic on the SCS Forum

    Hello dear Grand Utopia drivers,

    This morning, I connect to the SCS Forum to check if new messages were posted on the Grand Utopia topic. What a surprise to see, not one or two but three messages from one of their moderators telling me that the topic does not respect (once again) the rules of their forum.

  • Incompatibility of GU v1.12 with ETS 2 v1.43

    I was recently informed that since the update of Euro Truck Simulator v1.43, the mod map Grand Utopia v1.12 is not compatible anymore. The release of a new version is therefore necessary. To continue playing Grand Utopia, you will have to stay temporarily on ETS 2 v1.42.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.12 is out !

    Dear Grand Utopia drivers, it is with great joy that I announce the release of version 1.12 of your favorite mod! What's new in this new version? Let's discover it all together. As a reminder, you can download the mod from the official Google Drive or from TruckyMods.

  • What new areas are coming to Grand Utopia?

    Friends of Grand Utopia, hello!

    These last days, a poll was set up to know which areas should be built in priority. The Patrons of Grand Utopia could express their point of view and give their opinion by voting. Today, I'm writing this article to share with you the results of this poll which will greatly affect the content of future updates.

  • Focus on VTCs

    There are new developments concerning VTCs. This article has been written to give you all the information you need to place your orders with peace of mind.
    You can find all this information in the "Active Support" tab.

  • Grand Utopia Version 1.11 is out !

    Dear Utopian truckers,

    Without further ado, I announce that version 1.11 of Grand Utopia is now available! As usual, go here to update your version. Finally, the Iberia DLC is added to the list of mandatory DLC for the mod to work properly.

    It's now time for a more detailed review of the content of this version. I'll also cover some other points to let you know about some changes.

  • A new playlist is available on Youtube!

    Hello dear Utopian Rovers,

    Today, we are launching a new playlist on MyGodness' Youtube channel. Entitled [GRAND UTOPIA] Silent Driving, this series of videos will allow you to discover the creator's work before the release of the updates. Indeed, the videos will mainly show the areas in progress!

  • The corrected version of 1.10 for ETS 1.40 is here!

    Dear utopian truckers,

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the corrected version 1.10 of Grand Utopia, now compatible with the latest version 1.40 of ETS 2. To update the mod, download the new version from our Google Drive and simply replace the file grandutopia.scs in your mod folder. It is not necessary to create a new game.

    This new version brings mainly two new areas detailed below.