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Activation of subscription based billing on Patreon

Hello dear utopians,

Quick article to share an important information with you. As of yesterday, Patreon allows creators to use a new billing method, called subscription billing.

Current system

As you know, currently, no matter when you sign up for your subscription, you are automatically charged on the 1st of the month for the following months.
This method has its drawbacks and the most notable one is that when a new Patron subscribes at the end of the month, he/she feels doubly charged when the next month's debit arrives.

As a reminder, currently, someone who subscribes on September 28th pays X € for the month of September and will be charged X € again on October 1st, a few days later.

Because of this, many creators receive many requests for refunds at the end of the month, which is quite understandable. I was lucky because no one has ever asked me for a refund for this reason and I thank you for that.

New system

Patreon has therefore been working on another billing solution and, after a few months of testing, it is finally ready.
In concrete terms, subscription-based billing now allows Patrons to be billed monthly on the day they subscribe.

For example, a Patron subscribes on September 28. His next withdrawal will then be made on October 28 and not on October 1.

I would like to inform you, through this article, that I am activating this new billing system for my Patreon page as of today.

⚠️ Please note that this system only applies to new contributors. For all the Patrons who already subscribe, nothing changes for you. Your payments will continue to be deducted on the 1st of each month.

Have a good day !

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