In order to operate, you must have the following DLCs. If only one of the DLCs is missing, the mod will not work. 

DLC Going East
DLC Scandinavia
DLC Vive la France
DLC Italia
DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea
DLC Road to the Black Sea
DLC Iberia

Download from Google Drive

All published versions of Grand Utopia are available on this Google Drive. To access them, click on the button.
You can also find other files such as logos and maps for your photo editing, videos, streams, etc...

Download from TruckyMods

The map is also available for download from the TruckyMods secure mod site. If you prefer this option, please click on the button to access it.

ETS 2 compatibility

The latest version Grand Utopia - Version 1.11 is compatible with ETS 2 - 1.41.

See previous versions compatibility

ETS 1.31
     - Grand Utopia v1.0
ETS 1.32
     - Grand Utopia v1.1
ETS 1.33
     - Grand Utopia v1.2
     - Grand Utopia v1.3
ETS 1.34
     - Grand Utopia v1.4
ETS 1.35
     - Grand Utopia v1.5
     - Grand Utopia v1.6
ETS 1.36
     - Grand Utopia v1.7
     - Grand Utopia v1.8
ETS 1.38
     - Grand Utopia v1.9
ETS 1.40
     - Grand Utopia v1.10