More about Patrons Island

Patreon island

Welcome to your new private island in Utopia Bay!

The Patrons Island is an addon map for the Grand Utopia Map. It adds to the main map a private property built on a private island in Utopia Bay. On it, you'll find a wonderful French renaissance castle, a garage, a beach and its old lighthouse, a small chapel on the heights from which you can enjoy a superb view on your property.

Linked to Grand Utopia by a ferry, you will also find a customised depot for Patreon Family & Co. Finally, a road has been created around the island for you to try out your best trucks.

How to download Patrons Island ?

This addon was created to thank the players who actively support me. Therefore, it is not publicly available and is reserved exclusively for members of the Patreon Family*. The download link is available on my Patreon page, in the dedicated post.

Availability to the public

Unlike the Mygotopia Map, this addon is not intended to become public one day. It is and will always remain an exclusive gift to my Archipelago Adventurer and Globetrotter patrons*.

Please note that this addon is compatible since version 1.12 of Grand Utopia. It will not work with previous versions.

*Please note that only Archipelago Adventurer and Globetrotter members can download this addon. Utopian Citizen members do not unlock this benefit.

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