More american cities colorado

More American Cities (Colorado) is out!

It's the big day! More American Cities (Colorado) is now available for purchase via my Patreon shop! I'm very proud of this new series of mods, which allow you to make dozens of cities on the basic American Truck Simulator map usable.

What is More American Cities ?

This mod innovatively enhances your gaming experience by transforming the decorative towns on the base map into playable locations. This means you can enjoy a richer, more immersive environment. To achieve this, I've used either existing delivery points or new delivery points created specifically for this project.

More American Cities will offer American truckers not only new challenges, but also exciting new opportunities to explore even more of America's remarkable landscape.

Download links

The mod is available from my Patreon shop for €8 inc VAT ( and is included free with Archipelago Adventurer and Globetrotter subscriptions).


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