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Grand Utopia Version 1.15 is out !

Hello dear utopians,

The big day has arrived! The new version 1.15 of Grand Utopia, entirely public and free, is now available. As usual, the official download link is on

This new version includes several new villages (Arlandis, Maringues, Nouillorc, Denver, Sulikôw and Courpière) and a new city (Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel).

A new feature is the appearance of a small British island where you can find the village of Denver. This part of the map is a foretaste of the future Elizabeth Island addon that will be created once SCS Software has reworked the United Kingdom (in order to have recent, good quality and more varied items than those present to date).

Finally, several existing areas have been reworked to give you a better quality in-game. I will continue to work on these aging areas in future updates.

I won't tell you more and I let you discover this new version in game. Good road to all my dear utopians!


  • MikeGordon
    • 1. MikeGordon On 16/04/2023
    I want to play grand utopia
  • gdasads
    • 2. gdasads On 15/04/2023
    muito bom o map grta map with ets2
  • gdasads
    • 3. gdasads On 15/04/2023
    great map ets 2 muto bom o mapa
  • gdasads
    • 4. gdasads On 15/04/2023
  • gdasads
    • 5. gdasads On 15/04/2023
  • gdasads
    • 6. gdasads On 15/04/2023
  • huyghenicolas
    • 7. huyghenicolas On 20/03/2023
    mooie mod en leuk
    maar vindt veel hinder
    zoals bomen die midden op de rijbaan staan en veel overhangen takken van bomen
    en traag verkeer
  • michel type
    Nice upgrade. But it has too much lag... It needs to optimize fps like another cities in the map.

    Thanks for your job.

  • gardusniper
    • 9. gardusniper On 15/02/2023
    soy gardusniper

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