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A temporary fix for ETS 1.47

A temporary fix has been published on TruckyMods. It will allow those who want to upgrade to 1.47 to continue using Grand Utopia (v1.15) without waiting!

Just make sure to place the fix on top of the Grand Utopia mod in your mod manager, as shown in the adjacent picture.
Moreover, you should know that it also works if you have the different add-ons (Mygotopia/Akokan Island/Patrons Island).
Finally, this fix will of course be obsolete as soon as the next version 1.15.1 of GU will be available (I think tomorrow or Saturday).

Until then, have a good trip!

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  • Gökhan
    • 1. Gökhan On 19/04/2023
    You said 1.47 is coming in 1-2 days
  • MikeGordon
    • 2. MikeGordon On 16/04/2023
    I want to play grand utopia

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