Create a VTC

In order to thank those who will actively support my map mods, a system of rewards has been set up. Thus, thanks to your donation and according to its amount, you have the possibility of having your personalized VTC on Grand Utopia or Mygotopia. You will find on this page all the information concerning the implementation of a VTC on one of my mods.

The mods being developed on my free time, it is essential to remember that the delivery of the VTC can take some time.
And i
n order to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience, from your side as well as ours, please consider your donation as such. It is an act of selfless support and not the sale of a product or service.

The minimum amount to be given for the creation of a VTC is


For any VTC request, I invite you to contact me via the "Contact us" tab of the website or directly by mail at this address: You will also find below the main information to know when creating a VTC on Grand Utopia or Mygotopia.

Services included in the creation of a VTC

The amount indicated for the implementation of a VTC includes the following services

- the creation and addition of your VTC in the mod files
- the implementation of your VTC on a single prefab (by default, of your choice from a supplied list) to make it functional
- choice of cargo to be transported to and from your VTC (from a list of sectors of activity provided)
- adding your logo (to be provided) placed on panels for your depot and for the different icons of the game
- the addition of a custom skin (to be provided) for your company's trailers

Not included in the base price:

- the creation of a custom depot, this counterpart is no longer available at all.
- the creation of your logo
- the creation of your skin for the trailers
- the implementation of your VTC on several prefabs, in various places of the map.
- the use of several logos or several skins for the same VTC.

Number of VTCs per person

The companies established are now entirely independent and no longer replace core companies in the game. Consequently, the total number of places is no longer limited.

It is therefore possible to own several VTCs, whether they are completely different or belong to the same group. In any case, each VTC is independent and the above-mentioned rules apply to each of them.

Location of the depot

Your company's depot will be established in the area of your choice, subject to my prior approval. If your desired location is refused, I will submit similar locations where establishment is possible. In addition, your VTC will only be set up on an SCS prefab by default.

Only one deposit is included with this consideration. However, you can have as many as you want through the map. Count 5,00 € per additional deposit.

Cargoes carried by your VTC

The choice of cargoes transported by your company will be made by indicating one, two or three sectors of activity from a list that will be communicated to you when you place your order.

Note that if you want to define precisely the goods that will enter/leave your depot, you can create the list of cargoes transported by your company yourself (reserved for people who know how to handle the game files). You have to compile the cargoes (.sii files) in an archive, classified in two folders :
→ an "in" folder grouping the shipments that will arrive in your depot.
→ an "out" folder grouping the shipments that will leave your depot.

Choice of prefab for your depot

The depot for your VTC should be chosen from the existing SCS company prefabs. No custom depots will be built. When you place your order, I will send you a photo list of all the prefabs available in the game. All you have to do is tell me the name of the prefab you have chosen.


Price for 1 VTC with 1 deposit ?
Your donation must be at least €30,00 (VTC and 1st prefab), that is €30,00.

Price for 1 VTC with 5 deposits ?
Your donation must be at least €30.00 (VTC and 1st prefab) + €20.00 (€5.00 x 4 additional prefabs), i.e. €50.00.

Price for 2 VTC with 15 deposits ?
Your donation should be at least €60.00 (2 VTC and 2 prefabs) + €65.00 (€5.00 x 13 additional prefabs), i.e. €125.00.