Active support

Grand Utopia is a free mod and will remain so forever. However, be aware that its creation represents thousands of hours of work as well as costs (website, domain name, etc.). Therefore, we have set up an online jackpot to allow our community to actively support the project. Any donor will be entitled to a special grade on our Discord allowing access to an exclusive lounge!

Thanks to PayPal, you can remain anonymous if you wish. To access the online jackpot, click on the PayPal logo at the bottom of the page.

Become a donor

In order to thank those who will actively support Grand Utopia, a system of counterparts has been set up. Thus, thanks to your donation and according to its amount, you have the possibility to select one or more of the presented counterparts. The mod being developed on our free time, it is essential to remember that the delivery of the counterpart can take a certain amount of time. In order to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience, on your side as well as on ours, please consider your donation as such. That is, an act of selfless support and not as the sale of a product or service.

Donation without consideration

Of course, it is possible for you to simply give out of a desire to help! Obviously, there is no minimum amount. Everyone can support the project to the extent of their means. Remember that every donation counts!

Having a custom warehouse


Establishing a VTC


The established companies are now fully independent and no longer replace SCS companies in the game. Consequently, the total number of places is no longer limited. Also, it is possible for one person to own several VTCs on Grand Utopia.


Your company's depot will be established in the area of your choice, subject to my prior agreement. If your desired location is refused, I will submit similar locations where establishment is possible. In addition, your VTC will only be set up on an SCS prefab by default. Only one deposit is included with this consideration. However, you can have as many as you want through the map. Count 2 € for any additional deposit.


The amount indicated for the implementation of a VTC includes the following services:

- the creation and addition of your VTC in the mod files
- the implementation of your VTC on a single prefab (by default, of your choice) to make it functional
- the choice of the SCS company from which the cargoes will be copied/pasted on your VTC (max: 3 different companies)
- adding your logo (to be provided) placed on panels for your depot and for the different icons of the game
- the addition of a custom skin (to be provided) for your company's trailers

Not included in the base price:

- the creation of a custom depot, this counterpart is no longer available at all.
- the creation of your logo
- the creation of your skin for the trailers
- the implementation of your VTC on several prefabs, in various places of the map.
- the use of several logos or several skins for the same VTC.


The choice of cargoes transported by your company will be made by indicating an SCS company. No custom cargo will be created.
Here is an example: You want your VTC to transport the same goods as the SCS company Lisette Logistics. We will therefore take the same list of cargoes as this company for your VTC.
It is possible to choose cargoes from up to 3 different companies. Please note that all shipments will be added together. It is not possible to choose cargo by cargo.


The depot of your VTC must be chosen from the existing SCS company prefabs. No custom depots will be built. As there is no official list of the different prefabs, if you want to make your choice by viewing them, I invite you to open the game editor to use the "Content Browser" or to find in game, on the base map, the prefab you want by sending me a screenshot.


It is possible to own several VTCs, whether they are completely different or belong to the same group. In any case, each VTC is independent and the above-mentioned rules apply to each of them.

Amount of donation required

→ The amount of the donation to be realized for the implantation of a VTC is a minimum of 30,00 €.