Active support

Grand Utopia is a free mod and will remain so forever. However, be aware that its creation represents thousands of hours of work as well as costs (website, domain name, etc.). Therefore, we have set up an online jackpot to allow our community to actively support the project. Any donor will be entitled to a special grade on our Discord allowing access to an exclusive lounge!

Thanks to PayPal, you can remain anonymous if you wish. To access the online jackpot, click on the PayPal logo at the bottom of the page.

Become a donor

In order to thank those who will actively support Grand Utopia, a system of counterparts has been set up. Thus, thanks to your donation and according to its amount, you have the possibility to select one or more of the presented counterparts. The mod being developed on our free time, it is essential to remember that the delivery of the counterpart can take a certain amount of time. In order to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience, on your side as well as on ours, please consider your donation as such. That is, an act of selfless support and not as the sale of a product or service.

Donation without consideration

Of course, it is possible for you to simply give out of a desire to help! Obviously, there is no minimum amount. Everyone can support the project to the extent of their means. Remember that every donation counts!

Having a custom warehouse


The plots of land are located within the communes or on the outskirts. Some plots of land are also isolated in the countryside. At stake, when you pass by an available lot*, you will find a sign detailing its characteristics: size and price. Please note that adding a new plot of land on an existing area is too time-consuming, so it has been decided that the creation of personalized depots would be possible only and only on the plots presented.

*subject to actual availability. Only the list on the website can be updated almost in real time.


Several sizes are available so that everyone can afford a little piece of paradise. For your information, lot sizes are rounded up to 10 m².


Land prices vary according to size. Thus, it was decided to take a reference price of 0.002 € per m². For your information, land prices are rounded up to the nearest 50 cents.


You are quite free in the choice of style and environment of your repository. However, be sure to choose your plot according to your tastes and desires. Avoid, for example, reserving a plot of land in the center of the logistics park of a large city if you want to set up a country depot.


It is possible, depending on the size of your land, to add certain functionalities to your repository :

? a parking zone for your break
? a service station (standard prefabs)
? a garage (standard prefabs)
? a workshop (standard prefabs)
? a functional company
? a sign in the image of your company

Finally, here are a few examples of features that are not feasible:

? trucks or trailers bearing your company's logo
? a gas station only icon
? a garage only icon
? a workshop icon only


Please find, by following this link, the list of land available on Grand Utopia. It is updated each time a new plot is delivered, reserved or completed.


Establishing a VTC


Established businesses will not be entirely independent but will replace core gaming businesses. Therefore, the total number of places is limited. This consideration is also limited to one VTC per donor.


Your company's depot will be established in the area of your choice, subject to my prior agreement. If the location you wish is refused, I will submit similar locations where it is possible to set up. In addition, the implantation of your VTC will be done on a prefab by default. However, it is possible to have a personalized deposit, in addition. Only one deposit is included with this consideration. Nevertheless, you can have as many as you wish through the map. Count 2 € for any additional deposit.


The amount indicated for the implementation of a VTC includes the following services:

? the creation and addition of your VTC in the files of the mod
? the implementation of your VTC on a single prefab (by default, at your choice) to make it functional
? the choice of cargoes to be transported by your company
? the addition of your logo (to be provided) placed on panels for your deposit and for the different icons of the game
? the addition of a custom skin (to be provided) for your company's trailers

Is not included in the service:

? the creation of a personalized repository
? the creation of your logo
? the creation of your skin for trailers
? the implementation of your VTC on several prefectures, at various locations on the map.


You are free to choose the cargoes your company transports, but only among the default cargoes of Euro Truck Simulator 2. No customized cargo will be created.

Amount of donation required

→ The amount of the donation to be realized for the implantation of a VTC is a minimum of 45,00 €.
→ The amount of the donation to be realized for the construction of a personalized depot will depend on the size of the plot (0,002 € / m²). Therefore, I invite you to consult the list of available plots to know the amounts.