More about Grand Utopia of America

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Grand Utopia of America will be a fictional, 1:1 scale archipelago for American Truck Simulator.

Imagine an American state in the middle of the ocean, a land forgotten on official maps, but vibrating with the deep conviction of belonging to the great nation of Uncle Sam. This country is Grand Utopia of America! And it presents itself as no more and no less than the 51st state of the United States of America, proudly displaying its colours and values, even in the shadow of official silence from Washington... Although its borders are not recognised on official maps, the soul of this island state beats to the rhythm of American values, celebrating freedom, unity and the American dream!

Thanks to your active support on Patreon, I've started to develop this project, which is progressing slowly but surely. Each contribution brings us a little closer to our goal. Together, we're bringing to life this utopian archipelago that's been forgotten on official maps.

Explore now what Grand Utopia will look like by visiting the "Project planning" tab at the top left of this page.

Stay by my side and follow this extraordinary adventure! Join my Patreon today to directly support the creation of this mod. Your contribution is essential to move this project forward, and you'll have access to lots of exclusive content.

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