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More American Cities (Calfornia) is now available, and it's free!

I'm delighted to announce the release of the California Edition of the More American Cities series of mods for American Truck Simulator. In launch version 1.0, this free edition activates up to 32 decorative cities across the state of California, turning them into playable destinations where you can now pick up and deliver goods.

Download More American Cities (California) now !

What is More American Cities (California)?

More American Cities (California) enriches your gaming experience by making numerous decorative towns accessible on the base map. Now, each added city has a playable business, allowing you to enjoy a more diverse and dynamic environment.

Key features of this edition :

  • 32 new cities : From Avenal to Watsonville, Carmel Highlands to Pacifica, discover many more destinations. Each new city is carefully integrated to offer realistic and immersive delivery challenges.
  • New delivery and loading points : I've included existing but often ill-associated delivery points in large, remote cities, and added new ones specifically for this project. This maximizes the utility of existing locations while introducing fresh and exciting locations.
  • Immersive journey : Each city now has a function and a meaning, transforming your journey into a true adventure across California. You'll enjoy a richer, more immersive gaming experience, with each new city bringing its own new discoveries.

Flexibility and compatibility

Each mod in the More American Cities series is self-contained, meaning you can add or remove them at any time. This approach also means that you don't need to own all the DLC: for each edition, only the DLC for the state concerned is required. In the case of California, as this is the base state for the game, no additional DLC is required. This flexibility allows players to tailor their experience to their preferences and discover new regions at their own pace.


Availability and other editions

The California edition is completely free and available now. This generosity allows all players to discover the improvements brought by More American Cities at no extra cost. If you enjoy this mod, you should know that other editions are available for purchase on my Patreon store, such as the Colorado and Idaho editions. Each edition offers new opportunities and challenges across different American states, further enriching your gaming experience.

To find out more and download the California edition, go to TruckyMods.

Explore, deliver and enjoy enriched gameplay with More American Cities!

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