Banniere akokan

Welcome to Akokan Island!

Located to the south of Grand Utopia, Akokan is a French tropical island attached to the Grand Utopia region. This enchanting territory, still largely untouched by urbanisation, offers total immersion in lush wilderness. The vast majority of Akokan's population live in Port-Méli, the charming main village and the beating heart of the island.

But that's not all: Akokan is dotted with small, remote hamlets, lost in the midst of abundant and sometimes inhospitable nature. These havens of tranquillity offer breathtaking journeys through breathtaking scenery. Classified as a Utopian nature reserve, the island retains its wild and authentic character. Get ready for thrilling adventures on unpaved roads, where only the most skilful drivers will be able to master the difficult and unpredictable terrain.

Akokan Island is more than just roads and scenery. The local economy is based on varied and dynamic sectors such as the timber industry, rock extraction and, of course, tourism. Each delivery mission will take you to the heart of these industries, introducing you to local businesses both in Port-Méli and deep in the rainforest. Imagine travelling through dense jungles, steep mountains and swampy plains, each journey a new adventure rich in discovery.

To top it all off, Akokan Island has heavenly beaches just waiting for you. Between two missions, why not don your sunglasses, apply a little sun cream and enjoy a moment of relaxation on the fine sand, facing the turquoise sea? These moments of respite will allow you to recharge your batteries before setting off again to tackle the island's wild roads.

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