What new areas are coming to Grand Utopia?

Friends of Grand Utopia, hello!

These last days, a poll was set up to know which areas should be built in priority. The Patrons of Grand Utopia could express their point of view and give their opinion by voting. Today, I'm writing this article to share with you the results of this poll which will greatly affect the content of future updates.

The poll

The survey, entitled "Which next area should come first?" allowed Patrons to choose from 4 areas:

- the blue area, representing mainly the Bay of Dog's tour, in the northwest of the map.
- the green area, located between the bottom of the Bay of the Dog and the north of Castelnoir.
- the yellow area, the unfinished part in the southwest of the map, between La Palmyre in the north and Iliffe/Pontiac in the south.
- the red area, the gaping hole between Rivenchy and Rombas.

To make up their minds, they were given a description of the elements to be expected in each zone (cities, villages, roads, highways, major intersections), as well as the image below.

Upcomming areas

And against all odds ...

While I was thinking of creating the red zone, the survey revealed that the yellow zone was the most expected. Followed closely by the blue zone, then the green zone. The red zone being far behind.

This survey allows me to give you in advance a more distant view on the content of future updates. I will indeed respect the order of arrival of these zones to create the next versions of the mod. In a few weeks the next version 1.12 of Grand Utopia will arrive. This version will focus on the northern and eastern part of Grand Utopia with the addition of a new city (Gérardmer) and two villages (Belmont and Stellamar).

I can also tell you now that the version 1.13 of Grand Utopia will concern the yellow zone, with the addition of two cities (Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel and Sainte-Marie-sur-Mer) and four villages (Denver, Chaseville, Salininkai and Sulikôw).

What about the arrival order of the donor cities and villages?

So yes, indeed, it moves a little the order of arrival of the donors' cities and villages. Until now, I tried to respect the age of the donation to built the town in question. This worked as well as I could, often obliging me to modify many direction boards when a village was finally moved to a different place than planned.

This is why, on the wise advice of a Patrons who will recognize herself, I took the decision to freeze the location of future donors' cities and villages. Of course, I realized this map by respecting as well as possible the age of the donations, while taking into account the order of construction of the future zones for the next 4 updates of Grand Utopia.

I know that some people will be disappointed not to see their city or village for a long time. I apologize for that. However, I needed a precise location marker to be able to more efficiently plan and place my signs and roads.

To be as clear as possible:
- the yellow communes will be in v1.13
- the blue communes will be in v1.14
- the green communes will be in v1.15
- the red communes will be in v1.16
- the grey communes will appear in versions after v1.16

Cities villages planning

Here are the main information I wanted to give you about the future versions of Grand Utopia. I greatly thank my Patrons for their advice and their opinion, as well as for their participation to the polls. Your opinion is very important for me.

For those who would also like to take a more active part in the Grand Utopia project, but also in the MyGotopia project, don't hesitate to join our Patreon Family!

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