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Grand Utopia Version 1.12 is out !

  • On 03/11/2021

Dear Grand Utopia drivers, it is with great joy that I announce the release of version 1.12 of your favorite mod! What's new in this new version? Let's discover it all together. As a reminder, you can download the mod from the official Google Drive or from TruckyMods.

New city and new villages

First of all, version 1.12 obviously adds new towns to discover. This update focuses on the southern part of the map, around Grandville.

This small village is located at the crossroads of the A1 motorway and the D1 road. Surrounded by forests and a few fields, it also has a logistics zone with several companies.

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Charming coastal village, wedged between cliff and sea, Stellamar is a good spot for holidays. For those who like to relax, the beach on the D1 is one of the most beautiful on the island!

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No, this is not California and no, you won't run into any celebrities in this little town. In fact, you'll hardly see anyone, apart from the many cars and trucks that pass through the area. Despite this, the village has a lovely view of the Château de Lossande, perched on the hill on the other side of the lake that borders this village.

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The only town in this update, Gérardmer is located in a basin, open to the sea. It is best known for the huge viaduct that overlooks it. Take a drive along the small roads around the town and you'll find some splendid views of the town!

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New road and motorway sections

This v1.12 also brings some changes in other parts of the map. First of all, the A1/A3 interchange south of Malterre has been reworked. Gone is the huge weird roundabout that was bogging down the traffic. Instead, you'll find a nice interchange with smooth traffic flow.

On the Lafalaise side, an extension of the D3 road has been built, linking the town directly to the N1 road. The Beaubourg-Lafalaise axis is therefore much more pleasant and much faster. You will notice that the Col des Misérables road has been removed from the minimap (this road was often proposed by the GPS but it is not at all adapted to heavy goods traffic). However, it remains present and open to traffic if you prefer to use this route.

Finally, two temporary sections have been created to allow you to link the south of the map directly from the north (A6 from Belmont to Utopia Port Area) and from the centre (D1 from Belmont to Rivenchy/Rivière-Sens). The aim here is to offer you new routes during your missions. The scenery is simple but effective (forests). These two parts of the routes will be modified in future updates so don't worry, in the end they will be as beautiful as the rest.

Compatibility of the Patrons Island mod

Finally, the Patrons Island mod will now be compatible with Grand Utopia. If you have already downloaded it, you can keep it and use it. The mod has remained the same. Only Grand Utopia needed to be updated due to some changes. If you don't have it yet, go to the Patreon page, a post was made a few weeks ago with the download link.
Finally, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful property made just for you, my dear Patrons.

As a reminder, the Patrons Island mod is available exclusively to Gold and Diamond patrons.

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Goodbye PayPal kitty

As you may have read in one of my previous articles, PayPal has decided to end its online fundraising system. This end being in a few days, I have already closed the Grand Utopia Fundraising. From now on, you will be able to support me via my personal PayPal account which you will find the link in the new "Support MyGodness" page that I created.

This new link will also be the one to use for those who wish to make the donation for the establishment of their VTC on Grand Utopia and/or Mygotopia. A QR code is also available to access my from a smartphone.

I take advantage of this passage on the VTCs to indicate that the list of VTCs has been updated on the website, and also the introduction page of the VTC establishment system.

And the rest of it ...

I also corrected a lot of bugs that were reported to me, added VTCs, etc etc. For more info, I invite you to check the changelog in the mod description.

Enjoy these new roads and we'll see you soon for the creation of the south-western part of the map (where there will be British islands #yeah #finally #left-handdrive #ihopethatthiswillbegood). Thanks again to all of you for loving Grand Utopia!

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