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Closing the Grand Utopia topic on the SCS Forum

Hello dear Grand Utopia drivers,

This morning, I connect to the SCS Forum to check if new messages were posted on the Grand Utopia topic. What a surprise to see, not one or two but three messages from one of their moderators telling me that the topic does not respect (once again) the rules of their forum.

Indeed, in my last post, in response to a member about the compatibility of v1.12 with ETS 1.43, I briefly mentioned that I would make some modifications to Grand Utopia to prepare its compatibility with Mygotopia. This brief mention must have aroused their curiosity because the moderator now requires me :

- not to mention a "paying" mod on the forum
- not to include the link to my site if I mention "paying" mods on my site
- to provide technical support for my mods also on their forum (as you know, I prefer to centralize your requests via a dedicated mailbox).

To be honest with you, I'm tired of the SCS forum and their rules which only put obstacles in the way of content creators, except in those of Promods (which bypasses the payment rule by proposing a free version which requires you to download several files at an extremely slow speed) or TruckersMP (which simply have a Patreon as well, but there, everyone can talk about it on their forum, it doesn't bother them in the least).
And I'm not even talking about all the map mods that also have a Patreon and are also present on the SCS forum.

I don't agree with their unequal treatment at all and it doesn't make me want to leave my topic on the site. That's why I decided not to make the changes they asked me to make. It is therefore quite possible that the topic will be deleted again soon.

For your information, here is the last message I posted on this topic, in order to give the alert on this completely absurd rule:

Hello. Once again, I'm facing a threat of closure of the Grand Utopia topic because I'm formally forbidden to mention one of my other map projects on this forum but also on my personal website (the link of the latter has already been removed). Indeed, this project, whose name I have to keep quiet under penalty of censorship, is considered by SCS as a "paying mod".
After reflection, rather than submit to these rules that I find a bit futile and clearly unfair (I remind everyone that the TruckersMP mod is mentioned all over the SCS forum and that they also have a Patreon that offers exclusive benefits to their Patrons), I decided to stop presenting my projects on the SCS forum and I beg your forgiveness for that.
This topic should be closed soon by the SCS Software team.

Obviously, I can understand the point of view of some people who will find my reaction excessive, but injustice and differences in treatment are things that affect me a lot. And the only way to make my disagreement and discontent clear to this behemoth that is SCS Software is not to submit. And that means not presenting Grand Utopia on the forum anymore, even if it is true that they probably don't care about it.

In any case, this does not question my will and motivation to continue the development of my map mods. I will remain true to myself and I will continue to create them for you with pleasure and passion.


  • Stefan Remus
    • 1. Stefan Remus On 13/12/2021
    What is with Reforma Map or Roex and many more who you can get a PayMod Version?! Why are this Maps OK and you just becomes Donate for your Work

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