Akokan island

Akokan Island is finally available!

Dear utopians, for a few weeks now I have been working on the creation of a brand new addon for Grand Utopia. Called Akokan, this small island, located in the south of our beautiful utopia, is meant to be a tropical region with dense vegetation and where Man has not concreted everything. The idea is to have a sort of preserved natural reserve, through which you will have to take narrow and difficult paths to ensure your delivery missions. Today, the very first version of this addon has arrived and I'm looking forward to seeing you discover this brand new land. If you haven't already done so, you can also check out this page of the site which presents the Island of Akokan.

I've made a short introduction video to give you a taste of what to expect on Akokan Island. The addon is exclusively reserved for the Archipelago Adventurer and Globettroter members of my Patreon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued support. It's thanks to the Patreon Family that this new addon was made possible! Thanks to all of them.

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  • T.C.K
    • 1. T.C.K On 13/07/2022
    superrrr i like it i want this how can i got it?
  • mathis79190
  • mathis79190
    • 3. mathis79190 On 06/07/2022
    elle est super
  • Pepe
    • 4. Pepe On 09/06/2022
  • Pepe
    • 5. Pepe On 09/06/2022
  • Pepe
    • 6. Pepe On 09/06/2022
  • hasan
    • 8. hasan On 06/06/2022
    Mod link ver
  • Eren Çıraklar

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