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Focus on VTCs

There are new developments concerning VTCs. This article has been written to give you all the information you need to place your orders with peace of mind.
You can find all this information in the "Active Support" tab.


You may be wondering what the point of establishing a VTC on Grand Utopia is. A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company. In French understand virtual transport company. By creating a VTC on Grand Utopia, you will have the possibility to customize a company of the game. Your company will be completely independent and will work like any other basic company, such as Lisette Logistics, Spinelli, Trameri or Batisse.
Your company will be added directly to the mod folder. This means that all players in Grand Utopia, without exception, will be able to see and use your company to play. It will also be possible to see AIs on the road towing your company's trailers.


Setting up a VTC is possible if your donation to Grand Utopia reaches a certain amount. This amount has been lowered to 30,00 €. I will detail here what is included in this consideration and what is not.

So, by opting for the creation of a VTC on Grand Utopia, here is what is included :

- the creation and configuration of the necessary files in the mod
- the implementation of your company on a prefab by default of SCS to make it functional

- the free choice of the SCS company (or companies) from which the list of transported cargoes will be copied. You can mix cargoes from up to 3 SCS companies. Please note that if you choose more than one company, all cargoes will be mixed. It is not possible to choose cargo by cargo.

- the addition of your logo on the minimap (to be provided by yourself in precise dimensions)

- the addition of an image (or logo) that will be affixed to your depot (to be provided by yourself in precise dimensions)

- the addition of a custom skin for the trailers (to be provided by yourself in precise dimensions)

Attention, here is the list of things that are not included. The list is not exhaustive:

- the creation of your logo
- the creation of the skin for your trailers

- the use of several logos, sign images or trailer skins for the same VTC

- the implementation of your VTC on several prefabs. The service includes only one prefab.


Your depot will be a standard prefab created by SCS. No custom prefab will be built. It is possible for you to choose the prefab but, as there is no list, you will have to :
- either find the prefab you want on the base map and send me a screenshot
- or open the game editor and consult the "Content Browser" and then tell me the name of the prefab or a screenshot
If you don't know which prefab to choose, I will choose a suitable one according to the cargoes transported by your VTC.

For the location, you can of course choose the city in which you want to set up your company's depot. The precise locations will be subject to my prior agreement and if the location is refused, I will propose other more suitable locations where the establishment of your depot will be possible.


You can have as many depots as you wish across the map. However, only the first deposit is included in the creation of your VTC. Each additional deposit will cost you 2,00 €. It is possible from the moment you create your company to have several deposits. For example, you want to create a VTC and install it in 5 different cities. The donation to be made should be at least €40.00 (€30.00 for the VTC + 5 x €2.00 for the additional deposits).
It is also possible to add depots between two updates as the map expands.


For your VTC, you will have to choose a list of cargoes that will be transported by the players. This choice will only be made by telling me a standard SCS company from which the list will be taken. For example, if you want your company to transport agricultural cargo, you will have to choose the SCS company "Nos Paturages".
You can mix the cargoes of up to 3 different companies. Please note that the lists will be taken as complete and all cargoes will be mixed. It is not possible to create a list cargo by cargo.


Finally, it is now possible to own several different companies. This gives you the possibility to have companies specialised in one area of transport. Each company created will remain a separate company, which means that for each new VTC, you will have to pay the amount required to create a company, i.e. €30.00. Of course, all of the above rules apply to each of the companies you own, even if you consider them to be part of the same group.

For example, you may decide to have for your company named X :
- Company X - CONSTRUCTIONS: which will specialise in the transport of construction machinery and materials, based on the company SCS de Batisse.
- Company X - LOGISTICS: which will be specialised in the transport of fresh/dry goods, based on the company SCS de Lisette Logistics.

Second example, you may decide to have two completely different companies named X and Y:
- Company X: which will be specialised in the transport of agricultural products, based on the company SCS of Nos Paturages.
- Company Y: which will be specialised in the transport of chemical products, based on the company SCS de Huilant.

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