About Mygotopia

Mygotopia Map is an official addon for Grand Utopia. It unlocks a brand new country located in the north of the island of Grand Utopia. This new country is not inspired by France. This time, I let my imagination run wild to offer you a different kind of immersion, in a fictional nation that could be situated halfway between American and European culture.

Mygotopia is a vast country, synonymous with wide open spaces. The fact that this map is created on a continent instead of an island means that there is more space between towns and villages to create more beautiful and realistic landscapes.

To create this country, I use elements from several European countries. The aim is to give you the feeling of travelling through an unknown land, which you have never seen elsewhere. And therefore, a small local traffic code is available below to familiarise you with the laws and rules in Mygotopia.

But first, here is a short video introducing the MyGotopia Map!

Planning the first roads, towns and villages

I warned you, Mygotopia will be vast. Larger than Grand Utopia. However, the urban density will be lower, allowing you to drive for long periods of time in the middle of the Mygotopian nature. On the agenda are large forests, wide agricultural plains, arid desert expanses, high rocky peaks, deep canyons and also large lakes. Here is the first version of the planning for the main roads and future municipalities.

In yellow, you will find the motorways connecting the major cities.
In blue, you will find the secondary road network, connecting the cities (in capital letters) and the smaller villages (in small letters)
In white, you will find the rail and sea links with the island of Grand Utopia.

Obviously, this map is not definitive and may change.

Useful informations

Mygotopian Traffic Regulations: find out how to drive in Mygotopia with this guide!

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