List of custom companies for Mygotopia

Custom companies exclusive to Mygotopia

On Mygotopia, you will find a number of custom companies that will allow you to have more diversity in the jobs offered. Below is the complete list of companies created especially for Mygotopia.

Cowshelter board logo
Board logo
512x256 1
Mggo mygotopian group of gas station operators
Go camping 1024x512

Players' VTC, established on Mygotopia

Because it is also possible to set up your virtual company on Mygotopia, here is the complete list of VTCs currently present on Mygotopia.

512x256 logo
Big al big freight 2048x1024
Ikea mobler 512x256
Logo medina
512x256 2
Banniere publicitaire
Mybook 1024x512
Avocado 1024x512
Edison 1024x512
Solwindra 1024x512
Lost boys