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Welcome to the spellbinding world of "Grand Utopia of America"! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey to the heart of a fictional new archipelago for American Truck Simulator, where a majestic main island stands proudly in the middle of an ocean of infinite possibilities. Accompanied by its glittering capital, temporarily christened Metropolis, this enigmatic land is also dotted with picturesque little islands, each ready to charm you with its mysteries.

Through Grand Utopia of America, you can explore the dazzling diversity of the twelve counties that make up this exceptional land, each home to a mosaic of fascinating cultures thanks to a multitude of towns and villages, all driven by their own unique energy. Each county will find its dynamism thanks to its county seat, a true economic and cultural centre, which will reflect the very soul of the region. This American utopia will also allow you to immerse yourself in a captivating cultural melting pot, where the American spirit is enhanced by subtle European accents.

As with Grand Utopia for Euro Truck Simulator, you can choose your route. Fans of American-style cruising can choose to take the wide highways that cross the main island. Drivers with a taste for discovery can be seduced by the many roads on the secondary network, where every bend reveals new horizons to explore.

In this grandiose journey, the first inaugural county will be Lochburn, a first version of which I plan to publish by the end of 2024/early 2025.

And remember, this project is constantly evolving, fuelled by the passion and dedication of its sole creator (yours truly, MyGodness #me) and every detail is carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable immersive experience. I therefore invite you to support me and my map projects in this exciting adventure. Join my Patreon and help usher in a new era of virtual trucking, where the pleasure of discovery is matched only by the infinite scope of our imagination!

In orange, you will find the motorways linking the major towns.

In golden yellow, you will find the major roads on the secondary network.

In white, you will find the secondary road network, linking the county seats (in capital letters), the other towns (in small letters) and the small villages (in dark grey).

V6 guoa roadmap
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