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New bug report form

  • On 19/03/2022
  • In Website

Hello dear utopian truckers,

I am writing this article to inform you that, as of now, it is no longer possible to submit your bug reports via the "Contact" tab of the website. Instead, you will eventually find a new page called "Report a bug" in the category of each map. On this page, you will find two buttons:

Bug report tracking table
From now on, you have access to all the bugs reported. This possibility is offered to you so that you can consult it before writing a new report, and this in order to avoid the duplications which are numerous. I am counting on you to use it.

Bug report form
This is a Google Form linked to the table described above. So, as soon as your bug report is submitted, it appears on the tracking table. I have made sure that you will be guided as best as possible when writing the form. I count on you to be precise and accurate in your answers.

Below, to illustrate this short article, you will find an image of the "Report a bug" page.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Formulaire bug site

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