Create an advert

In order to thank those who will actively support my map mods, a system of rewards has been set up. Thus, thanks to your donation and according to its amount, you have the possibility of having your personalized billboard on Grand Utopia or Mygotopia. You will find on this page all the information concerning the implementation of billboards on one of my mods.

The mods being developed on my free time, it is essential to remember that the delivery of the billboards can take some time.
In order to avoid any disappointment or inconvenience, from your side as well as mine, please consider your donation as such. It is an act of selfless support and not the sale of a product or service.

The minimum amount to be given for the creation of a billboards is
€5,00 / visual


For any billboard request, I invite you to contact me via the "Contact us" tab of the website or directly by mail at this address: You will also find below the main information to know when creating a billboard on Grand Utopia or Mygotopia.

Difference billboard/visual

To avoid any misunderstanding, here is the difference between a billboard and a visual:

∟the billboard is the object on which your visual will be displayed.
∟the visual is the image of your advertisement that will be displayed on the billboard.

Services included in the creation of billboards

The amount indicated for the installation of advertising billboards includes the following services:

- the configuration and addition of your visual in the mod files
- the placement of your visual on the map (on a maximum of 10 billboards, in any location).

Not included in the basic price :

- the creation of the visual of your advertisement
- the placement of your advertisement in more than 10 different locations.
- the use of several different visuals

Number of billboards and visuals per person

There is no limit to the total number of visuals. It is therefore possible to have several visuals, whether they are completely different or belong to the same group.

Only the number of billboards is limited, in order to avoid the inappropriate proliferation of the same ad on the map. Thus, you can only have a maximum of 10 billboards/visual.

Location of the billboards

The billboards will be installed in the locations of your choice, subject to my prior approval. If your desired location is not accepted, I will provide you with similar locations where placement is possible.

In this package, you can place up to 10 billboards (with the same visual). However, you can have as many visuals as you wish.

Type of advertisements accepted

You can promote anything you like as long as you respect certain rules.

Your advertisement must:
∟respect the rules of decency and be of good character
∟not incite hatred
∟not incite discrimination
∟not promote or consist of pornographic content

I obviously reserve the right to refuse any inappropriate advertising.


Price for 10 billboards with the same visual ?
Your donation must be at least €5,00 (1 visual on 10 billboards).

Price for 20 panels with 2 different visuals ?
Your donation must be at least €10.00 (2 visuals on 2 x 10 billboards).

Price for 30 panels with the same visual?
This configuration is not possible. You cannot have more than 10 panels per visual.