Help / FAQ

A - Main informations

What is the scale of the map?

Grand Utopia is at 1:1 scale. This means that one kilometer traveled in the game is equal to one real kilometer. Therefore, the time in play also runs at real speed.

Is the mod free ?

Yes, entirely free !

Does the Grand Utopia map work with other maps?

No, the Grand Utopia map is an independent map because of its different scale from the basic game. It is therefore not compatible with any other map.

What is the latest version available?

Grand Utopia Version 1.10.

B - Set up and update process

How to install the mod?

To install the Grand Utopia map, you must first download the mod. Then place the grandutopia.scs file in your mod folder (My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod). Once the game is launched, you must create a new game. Before launching your new game, you must first activate the mod in your mod manager and then select grandutopia.mbd instead of Europe in the "Map" tab.

Tuto installation grand utopia

Once all this is done, launch your game and start rolling!

How to update the mod when a new version is available?

To update the Grand Utopia map, simply replace the old grandutopia.scs file with the new one in your mod folder. No need to recreate a new game, just restart your current game.

C - Custom VTC

What is the purpose of a personalized VTC?

By installing your personalized VTC on Grand Utopia, you will add a touch of realism to the way you play. Indeed, your VTC will become a real gaming company and will therefore be playable like any other company created by SCS Software. Thus, the logo of your VTC will be put on the buildings of your depot and the trailers will be in the colors of your VTC. It will even be possible to cross AI's running with one of your trailers.

How much does it cost to create a VTC on Grand Utopia?

The creation, configuration and installation of a VTC on Grand Utopia costs 30,00 €.

Who will be able to see and use my VTC?

Your VTC being directly integrated into the Grand Utopia mod, it will be visible and playable by all those who play on Grand Utopia.